WaTcH IWF World Championships Weightlifting Wrocław 2013 Event Live Online Tv,

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Fixture Details
Weightlifting World Championships Warsaw,Poland 2013

from October 16 to 27, 2013.
Scedule-(LOCAL TIME)

20 October 2013

11:00:-Women's 48 kg Group B
13:30:-Women's 48 kg Group A
17:00:-Men's 56 kg Group C
19:00:-Men's 56 kg Group B

21 October 2013

10:00:-Women's 53/58 kg Group C
12:00:-Women's 53 kg Group B
14:00:-Men's 62 kg Group C
17:00:-Women's 53 kg Group A
20:00:-Men's 56 kg Group A

22 October 2013

10:00:-Men's 69 kg Group C
12:00:-Women's 58 kg Group B
14:00:-Men's 62 kg Group B
17:00:-Women's 58 kg Group A
20:00:-Men's 62 kg Group A

23 October 2013

10:00:-Men's 69 kg Group B
12:00:-Women's 63/69 kg Group B
14:00:-Women's 63 kg Group B
17:00:-Women's 63 kg Group A
20:00:-Men's 69 kg Group A
22:00:-Men's 77 kg Group C

24 October 2013

10:00:-Women's 69 kg Group B
12:00:-Men's 77 kg Group B
14:00:-Men's 85 kg Group C
17:00:-Women's 68 kg Group A
20:00:-Men's 77 kg Group A
22:00:-Men's 85 kg Group B

25 October 2013

10:00:-Men's 94 kg Group C
12:00:-Women's 75/+75 kg Group C
14:00:-Women's 75 kg Group B
17:00:-Men's 85 kg Group A
20:00:-Women's 75 kg Group A
22:00:-Women's +75 kg Group B

26 October 2013

10:00:-Men's 105/+105 kg Group C
12:00:-Men's 94 kg Group B
14:00:-Men's 105 kg Group B
17:00:-Men's 94 kg Group A
20:00:-Women's +75 kg Group A

27 October 2013

10:00:-Men's +105 kg Group B
13:00:-Men's 105 kg Group A
16:00:-Men's +105 kg Group A

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